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House for sale in Braunschweig or surroundings? Especially with up to 256,885 inhabitants in the coming years (plus 8,218) and a further development of the population from 246,581 to 250,747 (a total of 2086), Braunschweig is growing, spread over 192.70 km² of urban area. No valuers at hand and online calculators for your own anonymous house valuation are not reliable? We combine the most important statistics and data for Braunschweig with valuable and proven data sources such as the Federal Statistical Office. No matter if inheritance, divorce or relocation, get to know now the real estate prices of your city. Of course the sustainable classification is difficult but one can at least get an idea of the market value. Built in 1965 or 2010, some wonder, what is an old house still worth? How much does the appraiser for a home of one’s own cost? To make your home appreciate with experience Any appraisal for your home after the inheritance or after a divorce will incur costs.

Purchase price current

Current new construction prices

Plot prices €/m²


Source: empirica / LBS Research

Current price for row house €/m²


Apartment € / m² living space


Source: empirica / LBS Research

Buy a house as an investment: Advice and checklists for your purchase in Braunschweig

Are you currently interested in a house in need of renovation? Watch this informative video at all costs.

Used real estate in Braunschweig

Price for own home in thousands Euro

PriceCurrentIncreaseNet Growth
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empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Semi-detached house purchase price in thousands €


Statistics: empirica / LBS Research

Purchase price for freehold flats €/m² living space

PriceTodayIncreaseNet Growth

Source: empirica / LBS Research

Efficient construction in Braunschweig: building materials, new construction and renovation

Even after the purchase or sale of a property, many costs are incurred for renovation, refurbishment or modernisation, for example for building materials.

  • Plastics (polyurethane (PUR), rubber, acrylic…)
  • Natural stones (granite, limestone, slate, marble…)
  • Asphalt (asphalt concrete…)
  • sealants (bitumen, butyl…)
  • Plastics (polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP)…)
  • binders (cement, anhydrite binder, bitumen…)

Pretty much every single house purchase is demanding and there is so much more to it than entries and authentication.

Buy a property: New online learning for price negotiation

You don’t want anything new, you are currently interested in an outdated property? Then you must see this video.

Here are some tips, directly from the real estate agent.

Households and urban development

More information about the sources and statistics used:

Households in Brunswick’s center

Living in the city:

more than 54.9734.476-497

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Braunschweig suburb

Demographic development in the suburbs:

Households (persons)today2035Difference
5 +7.4607.211-249

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Real estate for sale in Braunschweig

Real estate sales on real estate portals such as or Immowelt, for each salesman questions arise in particular around the market value of the own house.

  • Property valuation by an expert?
  • Is there a good online calculator for prices?
  • What do you have to consider when viewing and buying older objects?
  • What are the most successful tips for my price negotiation?
  • Is there a renowned guide and checklists?
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One of many questions. You can find even more in the Immo Wiki:

What are relevant documents for home sale: Entries and Forms

A large number of documents and records should be submitted with almost every sale, the amount of documents is not small.


House Selling: Current Tips and Videos

Autumn or winter: Which season is the best for selling your house?

The financing of the purchase

Apartment or flat in Braunschweig’s cosy edge of the city or in the busy city buy? No matter whether Commerzbank, Sparkasse, L-Bank or KfW, many house sellers fall back on their well-known bank, your evaluation of houses and condominiums.

How do I get a real estate loan from the bank?

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