Buying a house in Papenburg: checklist, apartment and rent

Real estates buy and sell in Papenburg – for a building plot one calculated approximately three years ago still between 50 and 160 euro / bought square meter (data: LBS Research), in the entire average the square meter price was with 90 euro. If you want to buy a building plot this year, you will already pay a purchase price between 62,5 and 199,98, a difference of 12,5 respectively 39,98 and 22,49 to the average value in Papenburg of currently about 112,49 Euro / square meter area.

Real estate value for building land, single-family houses and apartments

Used € / m² – House

Euro Difference Euro
from 110 137,49 27,49
up to 210 262,48 52,48
Ø 160 199,98 39,98

Used € / m² – Terraced house

Euro Difference Euro
from 80 99,99 19,99
up to 135 168,74 33,74
Ø 110 137,49 27,49

Used € / m² – Condominium

Euro Difference Euro
from 800 999,92 199,92
up to 1.600,00 1.999,84 399,84
Ø 1.150,00 1.437,39 287,39

New building

Building plot €/m²


Source: LBS Residential Property Market

New construction € / m² – House

Euro Difference Euro
from 50 62,5 12,5
up to 160 199,98 39,98
Ø 90 112,49 22,49

New construction € / m² – terraced house

Euro Difference Euro
from 120 149,99 29,99
up to 180 224,98 44,98
Ø 160 199,98 39,98

New construction € / m² – Condominium

Euro Difference Euro
from 1.700,00 2.124,83 424,83
up to 2.400,00 2.999,76 599,76
Ø 2.050,00 2.562,30 512,3

Source: LBS Market for residential real estate

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Demographic development

Surrounding Area

Households / Personstoday2035Difference
5 +1.1011.064-37

Statistical source: LBS Research

Papenburg city

over 5734661-73

Statistics: LBS Research

Living in Papenburg: Statistical projection

Housing situationNumber
Own house14.254
Shared apartment2.418

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Did you already know? Sales and purchases transfer volume of 3.4 billion euros

Incredible 0.2 billion euros in cash assets currently in savings accounts and under mattresses. Even more, namely 0.3 billion Euros are tied up in real estate, only 46,839,993 Euros exist as useable assets, have you thought of such sums? The total market volume of transactions in the real estate market amounts in Papenburg every 12 months, purely statistically 3.360.914.046,06 Euro, in the construction of flats are transferred predicted up to 1,4 billion Euro, whole 1,7 billion Euro are invested at the moment every year in Papenburg in the modernization of the objects. In total, the market for real estate in Papenburg transfers an amazing 6.5 billion euros in the calendar year.

Residential property

How high is the ownership rate in the individual federal states? Here are the “latest” figures from the Federal Statistical Office. There has been no new survey after 2014 so far. As soon as new data is available, we will include it here! Here you can see the ownership rate in Germany from 1998 to 2014 by federal state. © Statista 2019 – Source: Federal Statistical Office

Lower Saxony48,9%51%49%54,5%54,7%
Germany total40,9%42,6%41,6%45,7%45,5%
North Rhine-Westphalia37,4%39%38,7%43%42,8%
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania32,2%35,9%33,2%37%38,9%

Planning and organization: your sales strategy

My little boat, my sports car, my house! Your house is a beloved home for your own children and your entire family but also a cherished memory, always allow yourself sufficient research time in your decision when selling your house in the future as a future retirement plan. Whether a broken love oWer the children you plan to have, whatever cause your house sale seems to have for you today, don’t rush into it! Your basis is, the foundation of the sale if you so want, that you bring together all the important to be considered informatioen. In addition comes the calculation and calculation and define youparallel also in the helpful discussion with proven bank, Immo brokers, appraisers and craftsmen, your completely personal sales goal. Many ask about the targeted increase in value of real estate, does the effort pay off later? Of course it does! In order to be able to increase the price of your house in the short term, it pays off in the majority of transactions, even before the sales talk, to attach importance to little things and to put a little time and work into your own property to be sold. Time pressure and misinformation are the reason for accruing losses. Therefore, make a note of all the important parameters so that you can place your property at a high price for as much reach and as many potential buyers as possible in your online advertisement. My guide supports you as a layman in the plan to master a clearly laid out, stress-free, and at the same time success-filled sale of the house without or with additional property…. Typical questions are usually:

  • Do you need a real estate agent or could you also sell the house privately?
  • From building authority to notary – What are the right documents for the sale of a house?
  • What value can I estimate?
  • Price optimisation by means of tricks: How do I achieve the best real estate valuation?