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Property for sale in Frankfurt am Main? Due to the further development of the population from 730,237 to 742,572 and a future increase to an estimated 760,751 inhabitants, Frankfurt am Main is becoming larger, spread over 248.31 km² of urban area. Your house will have to be sold in the coming days, but: No valuers at hand in a hurry and free online calculators are not reliable? We combine the most important surveys for Frankfurt am Main with strong and reliable sources such as the Federal Statistical Office, and much more. Regardless of whether you’re newly divorced, inherited or moving house, you’ll get to know the property prices in your region. Clearly the sound calculation is difficult but you can at least get an idea of the market value of the property or condominium. First occupation in 1970 or 2015, many ask themselves, how much is an older house still worth? In order to determine the home of one’s own seriously, costs for value determination are to be determined automatically pre-programmed, costs are pre-programmed.

Households: Development in the housing market

With a population of 736,414, Frankfurt am Main is one of the big cities in Hessen and also in Germany. This will be discussed later in the section on demographic change.

Purchase price in Frankfurt am Main

New building in Frankfurt am Main

Plot prices €/m²


empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Row home €/m²

PriceThe timeIncreaseNet Growth

Condominium apartment Price € / m² living space

PriceThe timeIncreaseNet Increase

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

House Purchase: Learn the most important things from real estate agents

Trained price negotiation, note this, free ten negotiation tips for your purchase of an apartment.


Purchase price in thousand €

for own home


Data source: empirica / LBS Research

Semi-detached house purchase price in thousands €

PriceTodayIncreaseNet Growth

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Condominium apartment purchase price €/m² living space


empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Building material and building site for houses in Frankfurt am Main

Anyone who invests in houses must of course also reckon with new expenditure on the property, which the new owner will have to pay for the land in the new building in Frankfurt am Main, for example: concrete (reinforced concrete, lightweight, normal and heavy concrete, prestressed concrete)….), sealants (bitumen, butyl…), plastics (polyurethane (PUR), silicone…), mortar (masonry mortar, screed mortar…) and insulating materials (flax fibres, wood wool, foam glass, cork, polystyrene, calcium silicate…)

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A successful house purchase requires more than a floor plan of the house and an energy certificate.

House Purchase: Learn all the basics online from brokers

Dear tenants in your own house for new investments or then move in yourself?

Purchase price negotiation, consider for the success in the direct negotiation with the seller or its broker these ten tips for the discussions and for a successful real estate purchase.

Households and urban development

Data sources:

Households in Frankfurt am Main Centre

Living in the city centre of Frankfurt:

Households (persons)today2035Difference
more than 514.72813.255-1.473

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Frankfurt’s environment

Living space in the suburbs:

Households / Personstoday2035Growth
more than 522.09221.356-736

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Real estate for sale

For salesmen ask themselves mainly questions around the estimated value of the own house. particularly with the real estate sales on real estate portals such as or or with the real estate agent of the confidence.

  • What do you need to consider when viewing and buying old homes, keyword defects?
  • What price do I quote for this process?
  • Is there a ready, free checklist?
  • What do I have to consider when visiting?
  • Who’s doing that?
  • Free price calculator, is there that for pricing?

Here is our reader’s question of the day:

How do I basically determine the most profitable selling price for my own property and which small and large factors play a role in determining the value?

In the house market one aspect is certain, a comprehensible value of the real estate is clearly on the top position on every to-do list. In the planning phase, various important and less important factors have to be taken into account, such as location and condition (little obstructed view, sunny/shady location and noisy motorway directly in front of the house), connection to traffic routes such as motorways and trunk roads, in order to calculate the value of the property. If you would like to know how much your property could contribute, please send us your questions about the sale under Contact.

data source: Your house sale

Family but also woman or man, children or siblings after an assumed inheritance, with the sale of the house accordingly many details must be considered. A roof always over the head. The home for your own children and the whole family or a memory. When selling your house, always allow yourself sufficient planning time to decide whether you want to sell it or not, if you sell your house in the next few days as a planned capital investment. Whether the family growth or the location no longer pleases – do not make any decisions too quickly and thus inconsiderate, no matter what reasons and causes your sale of your house always has! The personal sales goal or goals must already be noted in advance in honest and professional consultation with craftsmen, bank, appraisers and real estate agents. For this reason, you should always inform yourself in detail even before the Expose and Advertisement are created. Putting a little time and effort into your own house and making it more chic before the visits is always worthwhile to optimize the value of the property and yes, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to small details such as room layout, building material, mouldings, etc.. Bold information and self-made pressure are the reason for losses in profit, therefore note down important documents and price calculations in advance, so that you can position your property at a high price to position your advertisement next to the competition in the best possible way, unnecessary losses, which can be avoided by a considered sales preparation in any case even completely to prevent. Our new and at the same time free guide will help you as a layman to master a profitable, well prepared but also stress-free house sale.

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House Selling: Video Tip

When season holds the most potential for selling your home: January or July?

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The house sale is really quite simple, in this video are tips and tricks in abundance.

Equity and Financing Tips

Real estate sellers work for the sale in partnership with their bank, how do you finance your purchase? Buy a condominium in Frankfurt am Main?

What valuations do I receive from my bank for a real estate loan?

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