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House for sale in Hamburg? Yes, because with the demographic development from 1,795,252 to 1,825,578 and a future increase to an estimated 1,870,270 inhabitants (a total of 59,832), Hamburg is getting bigger and bigger, spread over 755.30 km². It is not easy to valuate your own house or semi-detached house free of charge, simply and directly online, especially since there are hardly any reliable online tools for determining the value, an expert, on the other hand, will be expensive for most quick considerations, the detailed procedure probably devours a not quite small amount, until finally a clear real estate valuation was made, so we have gathered all the data to give you help for the current market situation in Hamburg. Completed in 1945 or 2015, many people rightly ask themselves, what is an old house worth? Of course, the sustainable calculation is difficult, but at least you can get an idea of the market value. In order to determine the home of one’s own seriously, costs are pre-programmed to determine seriously, costs are automatically determined beforehand. Whether you are divorced, inherited from your family or financing a new home, now you can find out the sale and purchase prices for real estate in your region.

Real estate price Current

New building in Hamburg

land prices in € per m²

Price Today Increase Net
from 155.00 193.73 38.73
to 3,000.00 3,749.70 749.70
Cut 550.00 687.45 137.45

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

semi-detached house €/m²

Price Today Increase Net
from 230,00 287.48 57.48
to 640.00 799.94 159.94
Cut 370.00 462.46 92.46

Apartment Price in €/m²

Price The time Increase Difference
from 2.500,00 3,124.75 624.75
to 10.500,00 13,123.95 2,623.95
Cut 4.100,00 5,124.59 1,024.59

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Buy a property: Recommendations from experts

Sympathetic and honest tips from the estate agent.

Move in yourself or rent your own house for the return?

The very first property to buy?

Prices for used properties in Hamburg

Purchase price for own home in thousand Euro

Price The time Increase Net Increase
from 165.00 206.23 41.23
to 1.600,00 1,999.84 399.84
Cut 435.00 543.71 108.71

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research

Price for terraced houses in thousand Euro

Price The time Increase Difference
from 155.00 193.73 38.73
to 530,00 662.45 132.45
Cut 285.00 356.22 71.22

Data source: empirica / LBS Research

Condominium apartment purchase price Euro per m²

Price Today Increase Net Growth
from 1,300.00 1,624.87 324.87
to 12,000.00 14,998.80 2,998.80
Cut 3,300.00 4,124.67 824.67

Source: empirica / LBS Research

Construction costs and construction company

Even after the purchase of a property, further costs and investments are incurred for the completion of modernisation or renovation, for example for building materials: plastics (polyethylene (PE)…), natural stone (granite, limestone, slate, marble…), wood (construction timber, laminated veneer timber, plywood, chipboard, OSB, glued laminated timber, wood wool…) but also mortar (masonry mortar, screed mortar…).

Pretty much every single purchase of a property is demanding and in practice it involves much more than the energy certificate and the floor plan of the room distribution.

Buy house as investment property: Video Tip

These 9+1 tips will support you and your family before making the final purchase decision.

From the smart methodology to the optimal time: With these tips you can successfully negotiate the final price to be paid for an apartment in Hamburg, also as a safe investment for your capital.

Households and urban development

Data sources:

Households in the centre of Hamburg

Living in the city centre:

Households today 2035 Difference
1 959.532 1.013.845 54.313
2 525.027 506.923 -18.104
3 162.939 144.835 -18.104
4 108.626 106.816 -1.810
5+ 36.209 32.588 -3.621

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Hamburg surroundings

Population development in the surrounding area:

Households today 2035 Difference
1 742.280 796.593 54.313
2 615.549 651.758 36.209
3 217.253 181.044 -36.209
4 162.939 144.835 -18.104
more than 5 54.313 52.503 -1.810

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Real estate for sale in Hamburg

Real estate sales on Internet sides for real estates such as Immonet or, house salesmen place themselves first of all above all questions around the estimated value of the own real estate.

  • What do you need to consider when buying older properties?
  • What does it cost to estimate the market value?
  • Let your house appraise?
  • Free price calculator, there are those and where do I find the best?
  • Who’s doing that?
  • Exists an already complete, free checklist?

Modern living: How do you get an official energy certificate for your property?

If you want to find out more about the energy efficiency of a house, then you always have the most important data and details clearly arranged energy certificate. The handing over of the energy certificate to the potential buyer in accordance with EnEV guidelines is mandatory for the fair sale of your house. Penalties of over ten thousand euros are imposed for deliberate non-compliance. The energy certificate for your property to be sold can be filled out for a fee, for example with the support of a recognised Hamburg energy consultant.

The financing of the purchase

Many work together for sales in Hamburg and the surrounding area in partnership with banks and insurance companies such as Volkswagen Bank, Deutsche Kreditbank or KfW, which shows the joint success. Buy your own home or condominium in Hamburg?

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