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What exactly is involved in a turnkey? Rents in Hamburg are rising steadily, but the development of property prices in the districts varies greatly. If you want to invest now, is it worth buying condominiums in Hamburg-Nord? Here in Hamburg and Hamburg-North is always something going on, creative districts and hidden diamonds in the outskirts from Lemsahl-Mellingstedt to Rotherbaum, the German Hanseatic city is one of the metropolises to which it attracts tens of new residents, central many schools and international housing. Agents answer your questions like how much does 10 sqm cost in Hamburg-Nord and how safe is a real estate fund? Tips for old building and notary search. Prices for old building and new building: capital investment Hamburg.

Hamburg’s North Demographics

Source: Statistical Office North

There are 179,459 apartments owned or rented in Hamburg-Nord. At the same time, things are going very well with 3.9% unemployed at present. Hamburg-Nord is 57.8 km² in size. It is not far to the nearest doctor. There are 314 dentists here and a total of 1,078 active doctors. The single square meter costs here – Euro per square meter, for the condominium.


  • Number of inhabitants: 313,617
  • Number of children and young people under 18: 42,873
  • Proportion of children and young people under 18 in the total population: 13.7
  • Number of older inhabitants over 64 years: 50,648
  • Proportion of older inhabitants over 64 years of age in the total population: 16.1
  • Number of foreign residents: 43,512
  • Proportion of foreign residents in the total population: 13.9
  • Number of inhabitants with a migration background: 87,706
  • Proportion of inhabitants with migration background in the total population: 28
  • Number of children and young people under 18 with a migration background: 18,267
  • Proportion of children and young people under 18 with a migration background out of all children and young people under 18: 42.7
  • Number of households: 194.164
  • Average number of persons per household: 1.6
  • Number of one-person households: 121.781
  • Proportion of households in which only one person lives out of all households: 62.7
  • Number of households with children: 27,103
  • Proportion of households with children in all households: 14
  • Number of households in which lone parents live: 6,616
  • Proportion of households in which single parents live out of all households with children: 24.4
  • Area in km²: 57.8
  • Inhabitants per km²: 5,429

Population movement

  • Number of live births: 3,881
  • Number of deaths: 2892
  • In-migration across the district boundary in 2018: 34,114
  • Departures across the district boundary in 2018: 32542
  • Difference in moves in and moves out across the district boundary: #ERROR!

Social structure

  • Employees subject to social insurance at place of residence: 142,894
  • Share of employees subject to social insurance at the place of residence in the working-age population (15 to under 65-year-olds): 63.3
  • Number of unemployed: 8,889
  • Proportion of unemployed persons in the labour force (15 to under 65-year-olds): 3.9
  • Younger unemployed aged 15 to under 25: 633
  • Younger unemployed (15 to under 25 years old) as a proportion of younger persons of working age (15 to under 25 years old): 2.1
  • Older unemployed aged 55 to under 65: 1,535
  • Share of older unemployed (55 to under 65 years old) in the older working population (55 to under 65 years old): 4.5
  • Number of benefit recipients according to SGB II: 21,256
  • Share of benefit recipients according to SGB II in the total population: 6.8
  • Number of benefit recipients according to SGB II under 15 years of age: 5,017
  • Proportion of SGB II benefit recipients under 15 years of age as a percentage of the population under 15 years of age: 13.4
  • Number of need-based communities according to SGB II: 12,755
  • Basic income support for the 65 and older age group: 3,995
  • As a % of the 65-year-olds and older: 7.9


Under 18s42.873
Proportion of under 18s in %13,7
65 years and older50.648
Proportion of those 65 and older in %16,1
Proportion of foreigners in %13,9
Population with migration background87.706
Share of population with migration background in %28
Under 18-year-olds with a migration background18.267
Proportion of under-18s with migration background in %42,7
Persons per household1,6
Single-person households121.781
Share of one-person households in %62,7
Households with children27.103
Proportion of households with children in %14
Single parents6.616
Share of single-parent households in %24,4
Area in km²57,8
Population density5.429

Population movement

Net migration#ERROR!

Social structure

Employees subject to social insurance contributions142.894
Employment rate in %63,3
Unemployment rate in %3,9
Younger unemployed633
Unemployment rate of younger people in %2,1
Older unemployed1.535
Unemployment rate of older people in %4,5
Benefit recipients according to SGB II21.256
Proportion of benefit recipients under SGB II in6,8
Under 15-year-olds in minimum security5.017
Proportion of under 15-year-olds in minimum security as a % of total population13,4
Joint needs groups according to SGB II12.755
Basic income support for the 65 and older age group3.995
in % of those aged 65 and over7,9


Residential buildings31.341
Apartments ready for occupancy1.627
Flats in detached and semi-detached housesHamburg-Nord
Proportion of apartments in single and two-family houses in9,3
Apartment size in m²68,6
Living space per inhabitant in m²39,3
Social housing7.863
Share of social housing in %4,4
Social housing with expiry date 20241.126
Social housing with expiry of commitment by 2024 in %14,3
Prices for land in EUR/m²
Prices for detached and semi-detached houses in EUR/m²
Prices for condominiums in EUR/m²


Kindergarten and preschool classes (March 2019).186
Primary schools (2018/2019)24
Lower secondary school pupils (2018/2019)11.513
Proportion of pupils in district schools in % (2018/2019)45,1
Proportion of pupils in grammar schools in % (2018/2019)51,6
Physicians in private practice1.078
General practitioners256
Private cars98.440
Car density314
Electric cars299

Source: Statistical data on the districts of Hamburg from Statistikamt Nord

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