House purchase Speyer: credit, costs, square meters and capital investment

Property costs in Speyer, Rhineland-Palatinate – According to recent data from LBS Research, approximately three years ago people in Speyer paid between 350 and 500 euros per square metre for a building plot within Speyer. On average, the price for a square meter in Speyer was around 400 euros. If you buy a plot today, you will already pay between 437,47 and 624,95, a difference of 87,47 and 124,95 respectively for the square meter of land. More on statistics: Investments & Real Estate.

This is how much the M² apartments, building plots as well as terraced homes cost today

Used € / m² – House

Euro Difference Euro
from 200 249,98 49,98
up to 500 624,95 124,95
Ø 350 437,47 87,47

Used € / m² – Terraced house

Euro Difference Euro
from 180 224,98 44,98
up to 300 374,97 74,97
Ø 275 343,72 68,72

Used € / m² – Condominium

Euro Difference Euro
from 1.200,00 1.499,88 299,88
up to 2.500,00 3.124,75 624,75
Ø 1.600,00 1.999,84 399,84

New construction € / m² – House

Euro Difference Euro
from 350 437,47 87,47
up to 500 624,95 124,95
Ø 400 499,96 99,96

New construction € / m² – terraced house

Euro Difference Euro
from 260 324,97 64,97
up to 320 399,97 79,97
Ø 300 374,97 74,97

New construction € / m² – Condominium

Euro Difference Euro
from 2.400,00 2.999,76 599,76
up to 3.200,00 3.999,68 799,68
Ø 2.800,00 3.499,72 699,72

New building

Building plot € / m²


Data source: LBS market for residential property

Source: LBS market for residential real estate

Reader tip: Taxes and costs when building a house

What is there to consider when building a new property? The most important issues are: financial or time calculations, sales or rental planning, location of the property and construction price. We have good tips: Taxes, house building and levies


Urban development

Surrounding Area

Households / Personstoday2035Change

Statistical source: LBS Research

Speyer city


Source: LBS Research

Property owner

From which way real estate property distribute themselves, how many Speyerer live fortunately without paying rent? Let’s take a quick look at some of the values, according to calculation (empirica) 2,126 children up to 10 years live in real estate owned by their families, with the older children, or teenagers, it is a little more, certainly due to the mastered toddler age and the finding that at least one parent is working again, most now buy their own home. Among 11 – 21 year olds, 2,633 live in their own home, then the curve breaks down, among 21 to 30 year olds, statistically 576 live in their own property. Increasingly in the own real estate we live, the older one becomes, so it is with the 31 – 40 year olds 2,182 and with the people between 41 – 50 years even whole 3,774 proud real estate owners. Between 51 to 60 years live 3,456 Speyerer in their own four walls. Among the 61 – 70 year old seniors there are statistically 2,640. Not so many spend their twilight years in their own home, only 1,636.

Home ownership

Home ownership in Speyer / yearsQuantity

Source: empirica / LBS Research

The detailed planning and organization of a house sale takes time and some work

Your own four walls, a familiar home for the children and the whole family, always leave yourself enough thinking time in your decision when you sell your single or multi-family house with good transport links in a central location in the future. Whatever reasons your planned house sale may have for you today, proceed wisely step by step, no matter if it is a modern home or a broken marriage. Inform yourself really in detail determine you at the same time also in the helpful conversation with experienced appraisers, craft firms and brokers – your very personal sales goal. Putting some time and diligence into your own home and bringing it back up to scratch before viewings always pays to effectively improve the value of the property and yes, it is also worth keeping a strict eye on little things like windows, playground nearby, cheap fabrics, etc, as value enhancing improvements can be made to these points too. The aim must always be to get the highest possible selling price at the trade, which in turn means that anyone who starts out under time pressure or is poorly informed will have to reckon with losses for the most part. My new and free guide will help you as a layman in the plan to carry out a profitable, maturely organized but also with as little as possible stressful situations sale of the house without or with additional land ownership, so you are guaranteed with practice to succeed. Checklist – house selling on your own, best recommendations and tips.

  • Photos with beautiful light and wide angles: Make rooms more attractive with professional visuals
  • The overall condition of the house must appear clean and well maintained
  • Emphasis of the very individual unique selling propositions
  • The permanent storage of all house-related receipts, invoices and also documents at best as originals to the real estate or the condominium
  • The calculated sales price should always be set appropriately, depending on the value and the need for renovation.

. On real estate portals, many are looking in particular to the following questions:

  • Tips, tricks, insider tips – how do I get an even higher price?
  • Forms, offices and authorities: Do you already have all the important documents?
  • What valuation for my house with vacant or developed land is possible at the current given market rates?