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Property for sale in Nuremberg or surrounding area? Due to a population of 528,536 in the coming years and a preceding demographic development from 507,337 to 515,907 (added 4291), Nuremberg is growing, all distributed among about 263,177 women and 248,451 men. It’s hard to rate your house directly online for free. Valuers, on the other hand, are already expensive, the procedure costs a lot of money, depending on the property, until a usable property valuation is then prepared. That is why we have collected all public statistics, so you can now, quickly do an online evaluation alone. No matter if divorce, inheritance or change of profession, you will get to know the selling prices for real estate in your city. It is difficult to determine the property price yourself, but you can at least get an idea of the market value of the property or condominium. Completed in 1955 or 2015, many ask themselves this question, how much is an older house worth? How much does a survey cost for my detached house? To have your home estimated, costs for the appraiser are automatically determined beforehand.

Price per square meter in Nuremberg

New constructions

First of all, step by step: The buyers guide.

Price for building plot € / m²

PriceTodayIncreaseNet Increase

Source: empirica / LBS Research

Price for row house € per m²


Apartment Price in € per m² Living area

PriceThe timeIncreaseNet Growth

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

House Purchase: Interesting Learn the 1×1 from brokers

Conscious piling up around the purchase price: ten tips for the discussion and for a real estate purchase.

Used properties in Nuremberg

Purchase price for own home in thousands of Euro

PriceThe timeIncreaseNet
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Source: empirica / LBS Research

Purchase price for terraced houses in thousands €

PriceCurrentIncreaseNet Growth

Statistics: empirica / LBS Research

Condominium apartment purchase price € per m²


Data source: empirica / LBS Research

After-sales costs: renovation, refurbishment or modernisation

If an object including land was purchased for modernization or renovation in Nuremberg, many costs are incurred for building materials, such as: sealants (bitumen, butyl…), concrete (reinforced concrete, lightweight, normal and heavy concrete, prestressed concrete, steel fiber concrete, porous concrete…), mortar (masonry mortar, plaster mortar, screed mortar…) and natural stone (granite, limestone, slate, marble…).

To a purchase of a house comes still much more like entries of the notary as well as prognoses.

Buy the house yourself or as an investment property: Helpful tips and videos

Which concrete points belong to a planned purchase decision?

Development of the urban housing structure

More info about our statistics:

Households in Nuremberg’s center

Living downtown:

Households / Personstoday2035Difference
5 +10.2339.209-1.023

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Nürnberg surroundings

Nuremberg surrounding area:

Households (persons)today2035Change
more than 515.34914.837-512

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Property for sale in Nuremberg

For every house seller there are mainly questions about the house value, selling on websites for real estate such as Immoscout24 or Immobilienscout.

  • Property valuation by an expert?
  • What does a meaningful estimation of the market value cost me?
  • What you need to keep in mind when buying older homes, think of any defects in the house?
  • Is there a simple guide or checklists?
  • What do you have to consider when visiting?

Do you absolutely need an energy certificate when selling real estate?

Your Energy Performance Certificate is a brief description of a paper that gives information about the energetic state of a property. The ordinances are regulated in the so-called EnEV or energy saving ordinance. The quite natural collecting main with the buyer is to be considered compellingly for the successful sales of a single or two-family dwelling. In the event of deliberate disregard, fines of up to EUR 15 thousand will be sued. If you would like to organise your own energy certificate now, you can do so stress-free, e.g. with the help of an energy consultant.

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Statistics: Your house sale

Sell real estate: Absolutely free recommendations from experts

House sale and taxes: You’ll have to watch out for that.

Looking for a good real estate agent?

Equity and Financing Tips

Regardless of whether DZ Bank, Sparkasse or DKB, many people use their well-known house bank when it comes to property valuation. Questions about questions, as well as about real estate financing without equity. Buy a house in Nuremberg without own capital?buy a condominium or condominium in Nuremberg?

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