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Are you currently selling? Due to a previous demographic development from 1,066,910 to 1,084,933 (new 9025) and a future increase to 1,111,493 inhabitants, Cologne is growing, spread over 405.02 square kilometres. Your house is to be sold, but: free value calculator or experienced expert for the valuation of your own house? We have all the relevant statistics and data for Cologne, with strong and reputable sources as well as LBS Research, etc. Whether inherited, divorced or moving, get to know the prices for real estate in your neighborhood. It is difficult to estimate the value of the house itself but you can at least get a rough idea of the market value. Year of construction 1985 or 1990, many ask themselves exactly at this moment, what is the value of my old house? to have your own house valued by experience An appraisal of the value of your house after the inheritance or after the marriage causes expenses and costs.

Price per square metre

Current new construction prices

Price for building plot € / m²

PriceTodayIncreaseNet Increase

Source: empirica / LBS Research

Series home € per m²

PriceThe timeIncreaseNet Growth

Apartment Price in €/m²

PriceTodayIncreaseNet Increase

Statistics: empirica / LBS Research

Buy a house to live in or as a capital investment: Video Tip

Are you looking for an old house? Then you should have a look at this real estate video.

Let an apartment for another capital investment or use it yourself?

Current market value for used properties in Cologne

Purchase price in thousands of Euro


empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Price for terraced houses in thousands €


empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Purchase price for freehold flats € per m² living space

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Costs, renovation and construction site

Even after a capital investment you have to reckon with additional costs at the construction site, which of the costs for the notary, the bank and offices will be incurred by the new owner, for example building materials such as: Asphalt (asphalt concrete…), iron and steel (structural steel, reinforcing steel mesh, cast iron, profile steel…), artificial bricks (bricks, clinker bricks, roof tiles, cellular concrete, clay bricks…) as well as mortar (masonry mortar, plaster mortar, tile adhesive…). To a good house purchase comes still substantially more like the energy document of identification in addition, the sketch of the object.

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Pretty much every home purchase is demanding and in practice this involves much more than development as well as authentications.

Buy a house yourself or as a capital investment: Current Absolutely free tips from real estate experts

Nothing new, you are interested in an older property? Then you must see this video.

Honest tips from the realtor.

Development of the urban housing structure

Our data sources:

Households in Cologne’s centre

Living in the city centre:

over 521.51919.367-2.152

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Cologne suburbs

Living space in the suburbs:

Households / Personstoday2035Growth
more than 532.27831.202-1.076

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

House Sale

All the same whether selling on real estate portals such as or, for each salesman place themselves first in particular questions around the estimate of the own real estate.

  • Tricks and tips for the first price negotiation?
  • What does it cost?
  • Exist recommended guidebooks or also shorter checklists?
  • House evaluation from the specialist?
  • exist free online price calculator for the rating?

Documents: Lots of invoices and reports you should provide?

A distinction is made between the various types of real estate, such as yield property, condominium, land and house, and different documents are required in each case, such as floor plans, liens on real property and construction drawings and much more.

Whether inherited, divorced or capital restructuring, before you think about the sale of your unused home, you should start the planning but also the thoughtful organization of the sale calmly and at the same time also think about the future life planning, for your family and yourself, so that everything will run smoothly. For most people, a house is not just a roof over their head, but a special object with many valuable stories, connected with personal emotions and memories (such as the children’s graduation) and thus has a personally priceless value. That is why you take the necessary research time for offers with your decision. Whether a broken love, the love or a change of scenery – whatever reasons the house sale seems to have, proceed cautiously step by step! The personal sales goal or goals must be recorded in advance in consultation with real estate agents, tradesmen and previous bank, so inform yourself beforehand in detail from experts, in addition to archiving all receipts, documents preferably as originals and invoices. In addition, to invest some extra work and time in your own house and make it more attractive again, always pays off for sellers to efficiently improve the value of the house and so even to take a close look at supposed trifles such as surf speed, installation windows, etc. to improve the value of the house. Too little precise information but also time pressure are the reason for possible losses in net profit. Therefore, you should focus on important documents and price calculations in advance, so that you can advertise your house at a high price next to all the exposés of professional brokers in order to place your advertisement optimally next to the competition. My guide will help you and your family as a layman without many foreign words to master a stress-free, successful and above all carefully planned sale of the property with or without additional property.

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December or April: When is the best season to sell a house?

Best possible financing for renovation or modernization

Whether ING Diba, VR Bank, VR Bank or HDI, many rely on their own proven bank. Buy an apartment or condominium in Cologne?

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