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Property for sale in Hannover or surrounding area? With the demographic development from 528,394 to 537,320 and in the coming years to 550,474 inhabitants (a total of 17,610) Hannover is clearly growing, divided into 259,559 men and 273,305 women. Free market value calculator or renowned appraiser for the reliable valuation of your own property? Financing or investment for something new, we have all the important data for the house sale in Hannover. First occupation 1945 or 1995, some ask themselves, what price per square metre can we charge for an older property? The value of the house itself is difficult to determine, but one can at least make an approximate idea of the market value. to determine one’s own house, costs for the calculation are completely determined by themselves beforehand. Regardless of whether it is a new life situation, divorce from a spouse or the assumed inheritance of a loved one, for many people their first house sale is imminent this year.

Price per square meter in Hanover

First of all – Tips for your Selling!

Current prices for new building in Hannover

land prices € per m²


Source: empirica / LBS Research

Current price for row house €/m²


Condominium apartment €/m² living space

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Buy a house: Current video recommendations of our editorial office

Purchase price negotiation, consider for the decisive success these, free 10 negotiation tips for your home purchase.

Make your purchase decision: Ten recommendations for buying a house.

Helpful hints for buying a condominium in Hanover.


Purchase price in thousand €

for own home

PriceThe timeIncreaseNet Growth

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Purchase price for terraced houses in thousands €

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empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Condominium apartment purchase price Euro/m² living space


Data source: empirica / LBS Research

Residential construction: renovation and construction company

But even after the capital investment has been made, you will inevitably have to reckon with expenses at the construction site, which will cover the costs for the notary, real estate portals, appraisers, the bank, brokers and experts for a building material such as

  • Iron and steel (structural steel, reinforcing bars…)
  • Plastics/thermoplastics (polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyamide…)
  • binders (cement, building plaster, anhydrite binders…)
  • Mortar (masonry mortar, plaster mortar, screed mortar…)

There is much more to buying a house than the energy certificate and the floor plan of the house.

Buy a house: Interesting video recommendation

Calculate your own valuation of condominiums to live in the property or as an investment for retirement?

Households and urban development

More information about our sources and statistics:

Households in Hanover’s Old Town

Life in the City of Hanover:

Households (persons)today2035Growth
over 510.6579,592-1.066

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Hanoverian environment

Demographic development in the surrounding area:

Households (persons)today2035Growth
over 515.98615.453-533

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

House Sale

Selling on real estate portals such as Immoscout24 or Immonet, sellers initially ask themselves questions about the estimated value of their own real estate.

  • What do you have to consider as a buyer when viewing and buying older objects, think of all hidden and obvious defects on the house?
  • Exist free online price calculator?
  • What are the best tips and tricks for your first price negotiation?

Finally, one of many important questions and answers. You can find even more in the Immo Wiki:

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Capital investment real estate - how do I invest my money sensibly today?

Where do you get an energy certificate from?

The Energy Performance Certificate as a document indicates the energy status of a property at present, this is done under the regulations of the so-called Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). The direct submission to the interested party is to be considered for the successful sale of a single or multiple dwelling in any case. Penalties can go up to 15,000 euros for misdemeanours. The energy certificate for your house can be applied for against payment e.g. by an energy consultant near Hanover.

Your house sale (source)

House Selling: Video Tip

Here you can see all videos about Hausverkauf.

What exactly makes a good broker?

Financing from house purchase

Buy a house or condo in Hanover? No matter if HDI, Commerzbank, DKB or Volksbank, almost all of them always trust their bank, your real estate valuation. Then again and again the same questions come up on the subject of real estate financing, for example for computers.

How do I get a real estate loan from my bank?


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