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Should you sell to the current situation? In particular with a future increase to up to 1,512,694 inhabitants and a preceding demographic development from 1,452,019 to 1,476,547, Munich is sustainably growing, spread over 750,189 women as well as 714,112 men or 310.71 km² of urban area. No valuer can be found and free online calculators are not usable? We have the most important statistics for Munich. Completed in 1945 or 1990, many ask themselves this one question, how much is an old house worth? Calculating the price of the house yourself is difficult but you can at least get an idea of the market value. In order to make a serious assessment of your home of one’s own, costs are pre-programmed to be determined by yourself. An appraisal of the value of your home according to the inheritance or according to the marriage causes expenses and thus construction costs. No matter if private or business decision, divorce or assumed inheritance of a loved one, for many the first and possibly the only sale of the house is imminent this year.

Demography of households: Housing market in Munich

With 1,464,301 people, Munich is counted among the larger cities in Bavaria. More on this topic later.

Price per square metre in Munich

New building in Munich

building plot €/m²


Statistics: empirica / LBS Research

Price for terraced house €/m²


Apartment Price € per m²


Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research

Buy a house: Interesting guides and checklist for your purchase

Use yourself or rent to persons for a new capital investment?

Used properties in Munich

Purchase price in thousand €

for own home

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Purchase price for terraced houses in thousands €

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference
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Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research

Purchase price for condominiums Euro / m²

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Energy saving: costs and building materials

Who invests in one, two or also in whole multi-family houses and housing estates, will count naturally also inevitably costs, which of the costs for consultants, taxes, brokers, experts and offices in Munich on investors will come for example building materials like: Aggregates (sand, gravel, expanded clay…), iron and steel (structural steel, reinforcing steel mesh, cast iron, sectional steel…), binding agents (cement, anhydrite binder…) and glass (glass brick…). Almost every single house purchase is connected with extensive know-how and to it belongs so much more what has to be done like floor plan of the house as well as energy certificate.

To a good house purchase belongs still substantially more like offers of building firms and evaluations.

Buy a house: Video recommendation

Here are some tips directly from house brokers.

These 10 tips from the experts will help you make the right purchase decision.

Development of households in urban areas

Data sources:

Households in downtown Munich

Living in the city:


Source: Federal Statistical Office

Munich surrounding area

Munich surroundings:


Data source: Federal Statistical Office

House Sale

Real estate sales on Internet pages for real estates such as or Immoscout24, salesmen of houses place themselves mainly questions around the market value of the own real estate.

  • Who’s doing that?
  • Is there a renowned guidebook or checklist?
  • What maximum price do I quote for something like this?
  • What to consider when viewing and buying old objects, keyword defects?
  • Let your own house be appraised?
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Finally, one of many interesting questions and answers. You can find more in the Immo Wiki:

What exact factors do you need for a solid calculation of the value of your Munich real estate?

A realistic market value is clearly in first place on your diary. You have to take into account various important and less important factors such as the location of your house (is the location shady/sunny, close parking space for your own car and not quiet motorway behind the house), the energy certificate to calculate the value of your old or inherited property in an understandable way. Contact me to find out the value of your property. (source)

Sell real estate: Current tips and videos

Selling a property: knowledge about taxes.

Equity and Financing Tips

Whether Schwäbisch Hall, your Landesbank, DKB or Allianz, almost all house sellers here almost always rely on your experienced bank. Thousands of questions also reach us on the subject of financing without equity capital. Buy a house without equity?buy your own home or condominium in Munich?

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