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Does the sale of your property in Berlin pay off? Due to the current development from 3,544,845 to 3,604,725 and in the following years to an estimated 3,692,972 inhabitants (an additional 118,142), Berlin is growing sustainably, spread over 891.12 km² with 1,755,700 men and 1,819,130 women. It is not easy to evaluate your own house online, there are no serious online calculators on the web, but a valuator is expensive, the complete procedure probably costs a lot of money, until finally a clear evaluation for the home to be sold in Berlin has been made, but we have taken the trouble and collected all the data to give you an insight into today’s situation for Berlin. Year of construction 1955 or 2015, some people ask themselves this question at this very moment, how much can we realistically estimate for an older house? It is difficult to estimate the house value itself, but at least you can get an idea of the market value. How much does an expert opinion cost for a house? The valuation of your home after inheritance, professional change or divorce causes costs. No matter whether it is a change of location, a divorce after a dispute or the inheritance of a deeply beloved person, for some it is the first and possibly even a one-time sale of the house this year.

Residential market in Berlin

With currently about 3 574 830 inhabitants, Berlin is already one of the big cities in Germany. More on this topic later.

Real estate price Current

Current new building prices in Berlin

land prices € / m²

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Series home € / m²

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference

Condominium apartment €/m²

PriceCurrentIncreaseNet Increase

Statistics: empirica / LBS Research

Berlin from above: The capital in summer

House Purchase: Helpful Video Tip

Estimate own valuation for condominiums for moving in or as a profitable investment for old age? Step by step.

Mistake in the house sale, an interesting TV report. Are you sure you want to buy?

Used properties in Berlin

Purchase price in thousands of Euro

PriceThe timeIncreaseDifference

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Purchase price for terraced houses in thousands €


empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Purchase price for freehold flats € per m² living space

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Source: empirica / LBS Research

Costs for you as the new owner: renovation or modernisation

Seller and buyer agree on all points in dispute, but even after the purchase of a house there are still many costs for renovation, modernization or renovation of building materials, such as

  • Aggregates (sand, gravel…)
  • binders (cement, building plaster, anhydrite binder, bitumen…)
  • Glass (glass brick, flat glass, pressed glass…)

Every single home purchase is challenging and it includes so much more in our checklist than many bills and ratings from the broker.

Buy a property: Helpful recommendations from real estate brokers and experts

These eight tips will help you and your family make the final purchase decision.

Households and urban development

Data sources:

Households in Berlin’s Mitte

Living in the city centre:


Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Berlin surrounding area

Living space in the suburbs:

Households / Personstoday2035Growth

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Real estate for sale in Berlin

No matter whether selling on Internet pages for real estates like Immoscout24 or Immonet, for each salesman of real estates questions arise above all around the market value of the own house.

  • Let your own house be valued?
  • Who do I contact to honestly appraise my condo or property?
  • What advice would experienced brokers give for viewing?
  • Is there a simple guide or shorter checklists?
  • Free calculators for selling prices, are there the?
  • What to consider when buying old real estate?

Do you definitely need an energy pass?

The Energy Performance Certificate as a document provides information about the use of energy, its efficiency of your house, under the regulations of the so-called Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). The quite natural collecting main with the possible buyer is absolutely necessary for the private sale of a single family house even if often empty standing. You can apply for your Energy Performance Certificate (Energieausweis) at a charge, for example, from a renowned energy consultant near Berlin.


Whether professional change, divorce from spouse or heir, before you now think about the sale of your free house, then you should start the planning but also the ambitious organization calmly and also think about a concrete, future life planning, for your family and yourself, so that the entire sales process of the advertised property without complications and time-consuming factors runs. For many in Berlin, a residential property is not only a stable investment in a property, your own home is something special that is linked to your emotions and memories and thus always has a personal value, so allow yourself planning time with your decision. Do not rush into anything that may cause your house sale, whether a professional promotion or a broken love. The personal sales goal or goals must already be recorded in advance in trustworthy consultation with craft firms, real estate brokers, appraisers and previous bank. For this reason, you should always obtain detailed information in advance from experts in house construction and sales. Many also ask me about increasing the value of a property, before you sell, is the expense profitable? In order to increase the value, it pays off in a large number of cases to invest a little time and effort in the property to be sold before the sale. Your highest goal in all your preparation should be to get the optimal price at the trade, which again means if you don’t have all the important facts at hand or if you act under time pressure, you usually expect losses. With our know-how and the often proven experience in the sale of owner-occupied homes and commercial real estate, planning and implementation of new buildings, I want to give you an overview of which points you must consider in the planning process in each case, as previously described.

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Concept and strategy: financing

Whether GLS bank, Sparda, people bank or ING Diba, many trust in your bank, if it concerns the real estate evaluation. Of course, the first time you sell a property, the same questions always come up again, also on the subject of real estate financing and its costs. Buy your own home or apartment in Berlin?

Here it goes on with the 2nd part to real estate loans.

Walk through Berlin

Berlin Kreuzberg: A flight over the most popular residential area


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