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Property for sale in Frankfurt am Main? Due to the further development of the population from 730,237 to 742,572 and a future increase to an estimated 760,751 inhabitants, Frankfurt am Main is becoming larger, spread over 248.31 km² of urban area. Your house will have to be sold in the coming days, but: No valuers at hand in a hurry and free online calculators are not reliable? We combine the most important surveys for Frankfurt am Main with strong and reliable sources such as the Federal Statistical Office, and much more. Regardless of whether you’re newly divorced, inherited or moving house, you’ll get to know the property prices in your region. Clearly the sound calculation is difficult but you can at least get an idea of the market value of the property or condominium. First occupation in 1970 or 2015, many ask themselves, how much is an older house still worth? In order to determine the home of one’s own seriously, costs for value determination are to be determined automatically pre-programmed, costs are pre-programmed.

Households: Development in the housing market

With a population of 736,414, Frankfurt am Main is one of the big cities in Hessen and also in Germany. This will be discussed later in the section on demographic change.

Purchase price in Frankfurt am Main

New building in Frankfurt am Main

Plot prices €/m²

Price Current Increase Net
from 450.00 562.46 112.46
to 1,800.00 2,249.82 449.82
Cut 600,00 749.94 149.94

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Row home €/m²

Price The time Increase Net Growth
from 450.00 562.46 112.46
to 700,00 874.93 174.93
Cut 650.00 812.44 162.44

Condominium apartment Price € / m² living space

Price The time Increase Net Increase
from 3,000.00 3,749.70 749.70
to 9,500.00 11,874.05 2,374.05
Cut 4.500,00 5,624.55 1,124.55

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

House Purchase: Learn the most important things from real estate agents

Trained price negotiation, note this, free ten negotiation tips for your purchase of an apartment.


Purchase price in thousand €

for own home

Price Today Increase Net
from 400,00 499.96 99.96
to 700,00 874.93 174.93
Cut 500.00 624.95 124.95

Data source: empirica / LBS Research

Semi-detached house purchase price in thousands €

Price Today Increase Net Growth
from 300,00 374.97 74.97
to 450.00 562.46 112.46
Cut 350,00 437.47 87.47

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Condominium apartment purchase price €/m² living space

Price Current Increase Difference
from 1,900.00 2,374.81 474.81
to 2.500,00 3,124.75 624.75
Cut 2.300,00 2,874.77 574.77

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Building material and building site for houses in Frankfurt am Main

Anyone who invests in houses must of course also reckon with new expenditure on the property, which the new owner will have to pay for the land in the new building in Frankfurt am Main, for example: concrete (reinforced concrete, lightweight, normal and heavy concrete, prestressed concrete)….), sealants (bitumen, butyl…), plastics (polyurethane (PUR), silicone…), mortar (masonry mortar, screed mortar…) and insulating materials (flax fibres, wood wool, foam glass, cork, polystyrene, calcium silicate…)

A successful house purchase requires more than a floor plan of the house and an energy certificate.

House Purchase: Learn all the basics online from brokers

Dear tenants in your own house for new investments or then move in yourself?

Purchase price negotiation, consider for the success in the direct negotiation with the seller or its broker these ten tips for the discussions and for a successful real estate purchase.

Households and urban development

Data sources:

Households in Frankfurt am Main Centre

Living in the city centre of Frankfurt:

Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 390.299 412.392 22.092
2 213.560 206.196 -7.364
3 66.277 58.913 -7.364
4 44.185 43.448 -736
more than 5 14.728 13.255 -1.473

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Frankfurt’s environment

Living space in the suburbs:

Households / Persons today 2035 Growth
1 301.930 324.022 22.092
2 250.381 265.109 14.728
3 88.370 73.641 -14.728
4 66.277 58.913 -7.364
more than 5 22.092 21.356 -736

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Real estate for sale

For salesmen ask themselves mainly questions around the estimated value of the own house. particularly with the real estate sales on real estate portals such as or or with the real estate agent of the confidence.

  • What do you need to consider when viewing and buying old homes, keyword defects?
  • What price do I quote for this process?
  • Is there a ready, free checklist?
  • What do I have to consider when visiting?
  • Who’s doing that?
  • Free price calculator, is there that for pricing?

Here is our reader’s question of the day:

How do I basically determine the most profitable selling price for my own property and which small and large factors play a role in determining the value?

In the house market one aspect is certain, a comprehensible value of the real estate is clearly on the top position on every to-do list. In the planning phase, various important and less important factors have to be taken into account, such as location and condition (little obstructed view, sunny/shady location and noisy motorway directly in front of the house), connection to traffic routes such as motorways and trunk roads, in order to calculate the value of the property. If you would like to know how much your property could contribute, please send us your questions about the sale under Contact.

data source: Your house sale

Family but also woman or man, children or siblings after an assumed inheritance, with the sale of the house accordingly many details must be considered. A roof always over the head. The home for your own children and the whole family or a memory. When selling your house, always allow yourself sufficient planning time to decide whether you want to sell it or not, if you sell your house in the next few days as a planned capital investment. Whether the family growth or the location no longer pleases – do not make any decisions too quickly and thus inconsiderate, no matter what reasons and causes your sale of your house always has! The personal sales goal or goals must already be noted in advance in honest and professional consultation with craftsmen, bank, appraisers and real estate agents. For this reason, you should always inform yourself in detail even before the Expose and Advertisement are created. Putting a little time and effort into your own house and making it more chic before the visits is always worthwhile to optimize the value of the property and yes, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to small details such as room layout, building material, mouldings, etc.. Bold information and self-made pressure are the reason for losses in profit, therefore note down important documents and price calculations in advance, so that you can position your property at a high price to position your advertisement next to the competition in the best possible way, unnecessary losses, which can be avoided by a considered sales preparation in any case even completely to prevent. Our new and at the same time free guide will help you as a layman to master a profitable, well prepared but also stress-free house sale.

House Selling: Video Tip

When season holds the most potential for selling your home: January or July?

More videos about house for sale.

The house sale is really quite simple, in this video are tips and tricks in abundance.

Equity and Financing Tips

Real estate sellers work for the sale in partnership with their bank, how do you finance your purchase? Buy a condominium in Frankfurt am Main?

What valuations do I receive from my bank for a real estate loan?

Mainz / Germany – Sell & Buy! Real Estate Appraisals – Free with RE:AO

No valuer at hand and free online calculators are not meaningful? We have all the key studies and data for home sales in Mainz, with valuable and renowned data sources such as LBS Research. Are you currently selling? With the current demographic development from 211,737 to 215,314 (increase 1791) and a tendency to 220,585 inhabitants, Mainz becomes larger, the whole distributed among about 103,861 men and 109,667 women as well as 97.73 km². Built in 1980 or 1995, many rightly ask themselves this question, what value can I demand for a house worth renovating? Clearly, the calculation is difficult but one can at least make an idea of the market value. To determine your own house seriously, The valuation for your house after the inheritance or after a divorce causes expenses. No matter whether they have just divorced, inherited from their family or are moving house, for many of them the first and possibly only sale of their own home is due this year.

Real estate price in Mainz

New building in Mainz

Price for building plot € / m²

Price Current Increase Difference
from 410.00 512.46 102.46
to 540.00 674.95 134.95
Cut 480.00 599.95 119.95

Source: empirica / LBS Research

Series home € per m²

Price Today Increase Difference
from 330,00 412.47 82.47
to 450.00 562.46 112.46
Cut 380.00 474.96 94.96

apartment € per m²

Price Current Increase Difference
from 3.100,00 3,874.69 774.69
to 5,000.00 6,249.50 1,249.50
Cut 3,600.00 4,499.64 899.64

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

Real estate purchase: Video recommendations of our editors

The typical mistakes in buying real estate.

Current square meter price for used properties in Mainz

Price for own home in thousands Euro

Price The time Increase Net
from 350,00 437.47 87.47
to 800,00 999.92 199.92
Cut 460.00 574.95 114.95

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research

Terraced house purchase price in thousands Euro

Price Current Increase Net Increase
from 280.00 349.97 69.97
to 430,00 537.46 107.46
Cut 330,00 412.47 82.47

Source: empirica / LBS Research

Condominium apartment purchase price €/m² living space

Price Current Increase Net Growth
from 1.600,00 1,999.84 399.84
to 2.600,00 3,249.74 649.74
Cut 2.300,00 2,874.77 574.77

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Construction costs, developers and building materials for houses in Mainz

Anyone who invests in houses must always reckon with expenses that will be incurred by the new owner outside the property costs for the new building in Mainz, such as building materials such as

  • Aggregates (sand, gravel, expanded clay…)
  • glass (glass brick…)
  • Plastics and elastomers (polyurethane (PUR), silicon…)
  • Artificial bricks (bricks, clinker, sand-lime bricks, expanded clay, clay bricks…)
  • Wood (construction timber, plywood, chipboard, OSB, wood wool…)
  • natural stones (granite…)

Really every house purchase is demanding and in practice this includes so much more what has to be done than development but also used deeds from the notary.

House Purchase: Online Learning for Price Negotiation

Here we have researched this Immo Video, with good tips for used properties and their buying characteristics.

Development of the urban housing structure

More information about the statistics we use:

Households in Mainz Middle

Living in the city:

Households today 2035 Change
1 113.170 119.576 6.406
2 61.923 59.788 -2.135
3 19.218 17.082 -2.135
4 12.812 12.598 -214
over 5 4.271 3.844 -427

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Mainzer Suburb

Mainz suburbs:

Households (persons) today 2035 Growth
1 87.546 93.952 6.406
2 72.600 76.870 4.271
3 25.623 21.353 -4.271
4 19.218 17.082 -2.135
5+ 6.406 6.192 -214

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Property for sale in Mainz

For each salesman place themselves directly above all questions around the house value, all the same whether selling on portals for real estates like Immoscout24 or

  • How much does a meaningful assessment of the value cost me?
  • What do you have to bear in mind when viewing a property?
  • Exist ready-made guidebooks and checklists?
  • What do you have to consider when buying old objects, think of any hidden and obvious defects in the house?

At the end, as always, our reader’s question of the day:

Is an energy certificate definitely required?

The energy certificate is in one sentence, a checked paper, which gives information about energy consumption and energetic condition of a house, which focuses on essentials, under the regulations of the EnEV and/or energy saving regulation. The template at the possible buyer is mandatory for the smooth sale of your house. In case of intentional non-compliance may be imposed a fine of up to fifteen thousand euros. Not a good idea? Then get your energy certificate for the house against payment exemplary by means of energy consultants of the confidence in Mainz.

If you spontaneously think about selling your own house, you must of course also consider the near future, i.e. the planning and organization in peace so that the entire sales process of your property without major complications will proceed. For most, a house is not only a stable investment for the future, but a unique object that is not only entangled with many stories, but also your memories and thus has a personal value for you. That’s why you take the necessary organizational time with your decision. Whether a professional relocation, increasing age or a better cut apartment – don’t make quick, inconsiderate decisions, regardless of the reasons and causes of your house sale! Your basis is your foundation if you want to bring together all the information considered important for your advertisement (newspaper ads or online real estate portal) as well as for the viewing appointments with potential buyers. In addition, the calculations and calculations come, you determine in cooperation with brokers, bank, appraisers and craftsmen – your very personal sales goal. Many also ask about the increase of a value before the sale, is that possible? Yes, of course I do. In order to increase the value, it is worthwhile in most cases, even in advance, to attach importance to small details and to invest a little time and effort in your own property to be sold. Personal pressure and inadequate factors to the house are the reasons for losses in net profit. Therefore, focus on all important parameters so that you can advertise your house at a high price for a lot of reach and many potential prospects on the ad. Particularly with our acquired knowledge and the expertise of many years in the supply, planning and execution of new buildings up to reorganized real estates, I want to give you here on our real estate portal an overview, which points you should keep in mind in the planning process for the sale of your house or in addition, your condominium in Mainz.

Real estate sales: Free recommendations from professionals

The most important thing for you as a seller and the viewing of real estate with interested parties: This video deals with the location, the condition of the condominium, forms such as land register, business plan, accounting, as well as contracts for tenants, rent increase.

Financing on purchase

Buy your own home or condominium in Mainz? Many house sellers always work together with banks and insurance companies such as your Landesbank, DKB, Bausparkasse or HDI, which success shows, which construction financing suits me best? Thousands of questions, also on the subject of financing without equity. What types of financing are there for sale, even without sufficient equity?


Mainzer prices reach far into the surrounding area

No wonder, then, that the demand for real estate in Mainz and neighbouring communities is very high. In the meantime, numerous small towns in the surrounding area, such as Ingelheim, Oppenheim, Bingen am Rhein, Bad Kreuznach, Simmern or Alzey, are considered to be the immediate residential environment of Mainz. These municipalities are also recording population growth and thus rising real estate prices.

If you would like to sell your property in Mainz or the surrounding area, we will be happy to advise you with our many years of experience. Especially when selling real estate in sought-after regions, many details have to be taken into account so that your property achieves the price you imagine. Therefore, please contact IHV and offer us your property in Mainz or the surrounding regions for inspection without obligation.

Factors for determining the purchase price

The purchase price for your property is determined by various factors. These include the location, the infrastructure in the immediate vicinity, but also the size, condition (degree of refurbishment) and equipment of house or apartment.

Infrastructure as an important parameter

In the following you will find a list of all aspects which represent important parameters for the sales price of your property:

  • How good are the connections to regional and national roads?
  • How good is the connection to the railway network?
  • What public transport is there?
  • How far is the nearest major airport?
  • What educational institutions are available in the area?
  • How far away are these facilities?
  • Which authorities are nearby?
  • What cultural facilities are available?
  • Are there shopping facilities for daily needs in the vicinity?

If you have recently renovated your property, this can have a positive effect on the purchase price. Since real estate in Mainz is very much in demand, it is often also possible to sell properties that have a greater need for renovation. However, the purchase price is usually lower than for properties that have already been renovated. The location of the property in Mainz or the surrounding area plays a central role here in particular.

Free Residential Real Estate Appraisals Hamburg – RE:AO

House for sale in Hamburg? Yes, because with the demographic development from 1,795,252 to 1,825,578 and a future increase to an estimated 1,870,270 inhabitants (a total of 59,832), Hamburg is getting bigger and bigger, spread over 755.30 km². It is not easy to valuate your own house or semi-detached house free of charge, simply and directly online, especially since there are hardly any reliable online tools for determining the value, an expert, on the other hand, will be expensive for most quick considerations, the detailed procedure probably devours a not quite small amount, until finally a clear real estate valuation was made, so we have gathered all the data to give you help for the current market situation in Hamburg. Completed in 1945 or 2015, many people rightly ask themselves, what is an old house worth? Of course, the sustainable calculation is difficult, but at least you can get an idea of the market value. In order to determine the home of one’s own seriously, costs are pre-programmed to determine seriously, costs are automatically determined beforehand. Whether you are divorced, inherited from your family or financing a new home, now you can find out the sale and purchase prices for real estate in your region.

Real estate price Current

New building in Hamburg

land prices in € per m²

Price Today Increase Net
from 155.00 193.73 38.73
to 3,000.00 3,749.70 749.70
Cut 550.00 687.45 137.45

empirica / LBS Research (data source)

semi-detached house €/m²

Price Today Increase Net
from 230,00 287.48 57.48
to 640.00 799.94 159.94
Cut 370.00 462.46 92.46

Apartment Price in €/m²

Price The time Increase Difference
from 2.500,00 3,124.75 624.75
to 10.500,00 13,123.95 2,623.95
Cut 4.100,00 5,124.59 1,024.59

empirica / LBS Research (Source)

Buy a property: Recommendations from experts

Sympathetic and honest tips from the estate agent.

Move in yourself or rent your own house for the return?

The very first property to buy?

Prices for used properties in Hamburg

Purchase price for own home in thousand Euro

Price The time Increase Net Increase
from 165.00 206.23 41.23
to 1.600,00 1,999.84 399.84
Cut 435.00 543.71 108.71

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research

Price for terraced houses in thousand Euro

Price The time Increase Difference
from 155.00 193.73 38.73
to 530,00 662.45 132.45
Cut 285.00 356.22 71.22

Data source: empirica / LBS Research

Condominium apartment purchase price Euro per m²

Price Today Increase Net Growth
from 1,300.00 1,624.87 324.87
to 12,000.00 14,998.80 2,998.80
Cut 3,300.00 4,124.67 824.67

Source: empirica / LBS Research

Construction costs and construction company

Even after the purchase of a property, further costs and investments are incurred for the completion of modernisation or renovation, for example for building materials: plastics (polyethylene (PE)…), natural stone (granite, limestone, slate, marble…), wood (construction timber, laminated veneer timber, plywood, chipboard, OSB, glued laminated timber, wood wool…) but also mortar (masonry mortar, screed mortar…).

Pretty much every single purchase of a property is demanding and in practice it involves much more than the energy certificate and the floor plan of the room distribution.

Buy house as investment property: Video Tip

These 9+1 tips will support you and your family before making the final purchase decision.

From the smart methodology to the optimal time: With these tips you can successfully negotiate the final price to be paid for an apartment in Hamburg, also as a safe investment for your capital.

Households and urban development

Data sources:

Households in the centre of Hamburg

Living in the city centre:

Households today 2035 Difference
1 959.532 1.013.845 54.313
2 525.027 506.923 -18.104
3 162.939 144.835 -18.104
4 108.626 106.816 -1.810
5+ 36.209 32.588 -3.621

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Hamburg surroundings

Population development in the surrounding area:

Households today 2035 Difference
1 742.280 796.593 54.313
2 615.549 651.758 36.209
3 217.253 181.044 -36.209
4 162.939 144.835 -18.104
more than 5 54.313 52.503 -1.810

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Real estate for sale in Hamburg

Real estate sales on Internet sides for real estates such as Immonet or, house salesmen place themselves first of all above all questions around the estimated value of the own real estate.

  • What do you need to consider when buying older properties?
  • What does it cost to estimate the market value?
  • Let your house appraise?
  • Free price calculator, there are those and where do I find the best?
  • Who’s doing that?
  • Exists an already complete, free checklist?

Modern living: How do you get an official energy certificate for your property?

If you want to find out more about the energy efficiency of a house, then you always have the most important data and details clearly arranged energy certificate. The handing over of the energy certificate to the potential buyer in accordance with EnEV guidelines is mandatory for the fair sale of your house. Penalties of over ten thousand euros are imposed for deliberate non-compliance. The energy certificate for your property to be sold can be filled out for a fee, for example with the support of a recognised Hamburg energy consultant.

The financing of the purchase

Many work together for sales in Hamburg and the surrounding area in partnership with banks and insurance companies such as Volkswagen Bank, Deutsche Kreditbank or KfW, which shows the joint success. Buy your own home or condominium in Hamburg?