Weather in Salzgitter: construction site, thunderstorm and forecast

Weather in Salzgitter – What is the probability that it will rain today and tomorrow in Salzgitter? Wind gusts, thunderstorms or humidity: Find here all construction-relevant weather data for the next 7 days. The current weather in Germany. A weather tip: Everyone knows farming rules from grandma and grandpa, in May they like to say: May rain brings blessings.

19 June 2021

Temperatures in Salzgitter


Weather in Salzgitter on 19 June 2021.

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Building materials are also the focus of all planning by builders as well as non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, tin, zinc and copper, asphalt such as asphalt concrete and natural asphalt or even wood. Unusual temperatures and heavy precipitation as well as humidity have an influence on the processes of the craftsmen at the new building. Lightning or humidity, the weather has a grip on the construction site, especially in the winter.

Many things builders have to consider and plan for, such as construction planning, tile laying, formwork or even stucco. Mostly, people are looking for simple answers to basic questions like “How dangerous is heavy rain?” or “What does precipitation 30% mean?” Targobank, DZ Hyp, DZ Bank or KfW, depending on the month, there are various after and advantages for the builders and the contracted construction company. In order to approach your planned building project in the best possible way, the fact of humidity should always be kept in mind.


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Temperature (°C)

Wetter Infografik: Mittleres TemperaturmaximumMean

temperature maximum (°C)


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Mean maximum and minimum temperatures compared (°C)Wetter Infografik: Temperatur Vergleich


Mean monthly precipitation (mm)


Wetter Infografik: Niederschlag

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Mean daily sum sun (h)


Wetter Infografik: Sonnenstunden

Data basis:German Weather Service

Did you know: Monthly sunshine duration

Average sunshine duration per month in Germany

Statistik: Durchschnittliche Sonnenscheindauer pro Monat in Deutschland von November 2018 bis November 2019 (in Stunden) von Statista +++

Temperature increase in Germany/h3>

Temperature increase by federal state

Statistik: Temperaturanstieg* in Deutschland von 1881 bis 2010 nach Bundesländern* (in Grad Celsius) von Statista

Salzgitter real estate market: land and property

767,179,636 euros are currently invested in Salzgitter real estate. The total transaction market for real estate is in Salzgitter at, purely statistically 10.1 billion euros. In the same period, 4.3 billion euros were moved in the new construction of apartments in Salzgitter, modernization is always a holistic issue with possibly 5,055,383,272.73 euros for the installation of new technical possibilities. In total, the real estate market in Salzgitter cumulatively generates an impressive 19,443,781,818.18 euros every single year. In our real estate magazine you will of course also find further information under house building.